Nurse Clinics

Our registered veterinary nurses enjoy doing a variety of nurse clinics.

Their free nurse clinics, including:

Weight clinics – Like a slimming world/weight watchers for those pets who struggle to lose the extra pounds. Our nurses formulate a weight plan unique and specific to each patient and are there throughout to offer any help and advice.

Dental clinics – Our nurses will perform a dental assessment and we will discuss and care required including preventative dental care.

Senior Wellness clinics – Our nurses will perform a full assessment of your pets including oral hygiene, heart and lung examination, mobility assessment and with help from you will aim to pick up any age-related problems sooner. (For extra cost they will also perform a urine test and full blood test – please phone or ask to enquire about this price.)

Adolescent clinics – They will check the weight and growth of your pet and offer any nutritional and training advice where required.

Rabbit clinics – Information on rabbit health and husbandry. Rabbits can easily get bored, so we can advise on environmental enrichment to keep them active.

Post op clinics

Puppy and Kitten Clinics – They can give the 2nd/ 3rd vaccination as well as giving lots of information on how to keep your puppy/kitten healthy along with training and nutritional advice.

Cuddle clinics – Time for you and your pets to meet the nurses and get the used to all things veterinary including feet touching, mouth examination and most importantly treats and cuddles!!!